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Legacy 650 For Sale

Legacy 650 For Sale - Jetcraft Engines on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Avionics on Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan Swift Broadband High Speed Internet ADS-B Out V2, CPDLC (FANS 1/A), TCAS 7.1, WAAS/LPV Equipped Embraer Listings | AeroClassifiedsAIRFRAME:
Total Time Since New 2,613.44 Hours (As of 1 June 2021)
Total Landings Since New 1,388 Landings
Entry Into Service Date 1 December 2011
Home Base Amman, Jordan (OJAM)
Program Coverage None
Maintenance Tracking CAMP
Certification EASA
  Left Engine Right Engine
Description Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2
Serial Number(s) CAE-313274 CAE-313275
Total Hours Since New 2,613.44 Hours 2,613.44 Hours
Total Cycles Since New 1,382 Cycles 1,382 Cycles
Program Coverage Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
Description Hamilton Sundstrand APS-500R
Serial Number SP-E1128110
APU Total Time Since New 2,663 Hours
Program Coverage None
The Embraer Legacy 650 is equipped with an integrated Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite. A general summary of this aircraft’s avionics suite is as follows (Unit Descriptions in bold indicate optional/added equipment):
Type of Unit Quantity Unit Description
EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) Five 8” x 7” LCD Displays
ISIS (Integrated Standby Instruments System) Single Honeywell Primus
FMS (Flight Management System) Dual Honeywell NZ-2000
IRS (Inertial Reference System) Dual Honeywell Laseref IV
GPS (Global Positioning System) Dual Honeywell GR-550
ADC (Air Data Computer) Dual Honeywell AZ-950
NAV (Navigation Radio) Dual Honeywell RNZ-851
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Dual Honeywell RNS-851
ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) Dual Honeywell RNZ-851
RMU (Radio Management Unit) Dual Honeywell RM-855
EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Dual Class 2 EFB
EICAS (Engine Indication/Crew Alerting System) Single Honeywell Primus
A/P (Autopilot) Single CAT II Autopilot
VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communication) Triple Honeywell RCZ-833K w/ 8.33 KHz Spacing
HF COM (High Freq. Communications) Dual Honeywell KRX-1053 w/ SELCAL
SATCOM (Satellite Communications) Single Aircell ST-3100
RADAR Single Weather WX-880
RADAR ALT (Radar Altimeter) Dual Honeywell RT-300
XPNDR (Transponder) Dual Honeywell RCZ-833k w/ Mode S
EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) Single Honeywell Mark V  w/ Windshear
TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) Single ACSS TCAS-2000 w/ Change 7.1
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) Single L3 SSCVR
FDR (Flight Data Recorder) Single L3 SSFDR (88 Parameters)
Number of Passengers Thirteen (13) Passenger Configuration
Galley Location Forward
Forward Cabin Configuration Four (4) Executive Club Seats
Mid Cabin Configuration Four (4) Place Conference Group Opposite a Credenza
Aft Cabin Configuration Two (2) Executive Club Seats Opposite Three (3) Place Fully Berthing Divan
Lavatory Location(s) Forward Crew Lavatory and Aft Fully Enclosed Lavatory
Jump Seat Flight Attendant Seat with Integrated Intercom Handset
Galley Equipment Microwave Oven, High Temp Oven with Second Oven Option, Coffee Brewer, Additional Convection Oven, Additional Espresso Machine (loose equipment), 2x Standard Units/Food Containers
Last Refurbished Date Original


Type of Unit Description
Display/TV Monitor(s) Dual (2) 17” Bulkhead Monitors
Airshow System Airshow 4000
DVD Player(s) Dual CD/DVD/MP3 Player
Other Notable Features 220V Universal Electrical Outlets; USB Data Loader
Base Paint Color(s) Embraer Snow White
Stripe Color(s) Black Stripes and Black Tail
Last Painted Date Under Carriage Re-painted in November 2015 & Spray Paint Touch-up Done in February 2016
Inspection Last Performed Next Due
LU 12 Month December 2020 December 2021
LU 24 Month January 2020 December 2021
LU 48 Month January 2020 December 2023
LU 72 Month December 2017 December 2023
LU 96 Month January 2020 December 2027
LU 144 Month December 2023
LU 192 Month December 2027
Type of Unit Description
High Speed Internet Swift Broadband System
In Flight Phone Iridium Voice-Channel Phone with Additional Cordless Handset
Type of Unit Description
Additional Oxygen Bottle 77 ft3 Oxygen Bottle (in addition to existing 115 ft3)
Provisions for Extended Over Water Operations Two Storage Spaces for Two (2) Twelve (12) Pax Each Rafts
ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) Artex C406
TCAS 7.1 Steep Approach & Operation at Cannes Airport 8.33

Basic information:

Category: Private Jet
Manufacturer: Embraer
Model: Legacy 650