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Boeing 787-9 For Sale

Boeing BBJ 767 For Sale Green Boeing Completion Ferry Time Only Available for Viewings in Europe Available for Immediate Delivery Boeing BBJ | AeroClassifiedsAIRFRAME:
Total Time Since New 16:30 Hours
Total Landings Since New 6 Landings
Manufacturing Date 28 April 2015
Delivery Date 30 April 2015
Serial Number 37109
Line Number 293
Variable Number ZB299
Home Base Basel, Switzerland
Certification Currently FAA (EASA capable)
  Left Engine Right Engine
Description General Electric GEnx-1B74/75/B2
Serial Number(s) 956518 956520
Total Hours Since New 16:30 Hours 16:30 Hours
Total Cycles Since New 6 Cycles 6 Cycles
Description Hamilton APS-5000A
Serial Number HSC-E1525347PL
APU Total Time Since New 36 Hours
APU Total Cycles Since New 63 Cycles
The Boeing 787-9 is equipped with an integrated avionics suite. A general summary of this aircraft’s avionics suite is as follows (Unit Descriptions in bold indicate optional/added equipment):
Type of Unit
Unit Description
EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)  
ESIS (Electronic Standby Instrument System)    
FMS (Flight Management System)    
GPS (Global Positioning System) Single Honeywell
DCMF (Data Communication Management Function) Single
CDU (Control Display Unit)  
ADC (Air Data Computer)  
NAV (Navigation Radio)  
RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator)  
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Dual Honeywell
HUD (Head Up Display) Single
ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
AFCS (Auto Flight Control System)
A/P (Autopilot)
SELCAL (Selective Calling System) Single
VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communication) Triple Collins
HF COM (High Freq. Communications)
SATCOM (Satellite Communications) Single Dual Channel Aero H+
RADAR Single Collins ISSPU
RADAR ALT (Radar Altimeter)
XPNDR (Transponder)
GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) Single Collins TAWS
TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) Single
ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) Single
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)
FDR (Flight Data Recorder)
Crew Rest Forward location with Two (2) Beds
Jumpseat Yes
Cargo Hold Total volume 5,452 ft3/154.4 m3Class C forward, aft, and bulk lower hold cargo compartments are provided. Cargo can be loaded into the forward and aft compartments in certified and non-certified airplane unit load devices (ULD), or containers and pallets). Loose baggage and other parcels can be loaded into the bulk compartment. The cargo handling system provides hardware for ULD guidance, restraint, conveyance and powered movement. The system accepts LD-3 (side-by-side), A-size (88- by 125-inch) and M-size (96- by 125-inch) pallets. It also accepts LD-1, LD-2, LD-3-46W/-46, LD-4, LD-5, LD-6, LD-7, LD-8, LD-9, LD-10 and LD-11 containers, and K-, L-, and N-size pallets. All containers and pallets are individually restrained
Base Paint Color Matterhorn White
Last Painted Date Original
• Data link message exchanges with ground ACARS stations, using VHF (including VDL Mode 2 when suitable ground stations are available), HF, or SATCOM.
• Air traffic services (ATS) data link using the future air navigation system-1 (FANS-1) standards for controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC), automatic dependent surveillance (ADS), and ATS facilities notification (AFN), with these functions integrated with the flight management system (FMS). The 787 ATS data link functionality is fully compatible with the global air traffic management (ATM) environment. The FANS-1 functionality is interoperable with oceanic data link systems.
• ATS data link using VDL Mode 2 and the ICAO aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) baseline-1 standards for CPDLC, and context management, with these functions integrated with the FMS (allowing, for example, automatic loading of uplinked route clearances) and the FANS-1 function. This provides a single unified crew interface, allowing operators to have both FANS-1 and a standard and recommended practices (SARP) compliant ATN application on the same airplane with a single set of crew procedures. ATN coupled with the FANS-1 function, provides what is commonly termed FANS-2 capability.
• Flight information services (FIS) data link message exchanges, including departure clearances, oceanic clearances, and digital automatic terminal information service (D-ATIS)
• Data link message exchanges with ground ACARS stations, using VHF (including VDL Mode 2 when suitable ground stations are available), HF, or SATCOM.
Max Takeoff Weight 557,000 lbs | 252,650 kg Max Zero Fuel Weight 400,000 lbs | 181,436 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 557,000 lbs | 252,650 kg Min Flight 244,000 lbs | 110,677 kg
Max Taxi Weight 559,000 lbs | 253,558 kg
WARRANTY: Boeing and GE offers comprehensive and fully transferable warranty generally outlined as follows:
Airframe & Systems 90 months or 5,000 hours Engines 4,000 hours or 10 years
2015 BOEING 787-9 S/N 37109 | JETCRAFT

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Category: Private Jet
Manufacturer: Boeing
Model: BBJ